Saturday, November 1, 2008

So I've had an off week

It started the 24th when I lost my camera. CRAP!

It carried over into not feeling well, having a busy week with school with a field trip, party and pep rally.

Then a friend unexpectedly came in on Wed and leaves tomorrow. I am SO glad to see her but it was an adjustment.

I had to do billing.

I trained for my new part-time job at Smart Locating.

My house is a wreck

And my to do list is HUGE.

And Christmas Light season started so I'll be a single mom for the most part of November. BLECH!

The good news is I got a surgery date - January 5!


bcstark said...

Congrats on getting a surgery date! That is so exciting. I'll be keeping the surgery in my prayers from now until it is over! See you Monday. :)

glenna said...

YAY on the surgery date! You're in my prayers. ((hugs))