Monday, November 24, 2008

Ah Boring...

My life seems SO boring as of late. All I do is work, sleep, work, sleep oh yeah and mommy the girls. Brian is gone 12 hours a day with Christmas lights and I am lonely.

Korie drove all the way from Las Cruces on Friday - her first long drive since going to college. She looks fantastic. :) I miss the butt. LOL. She's decided she's not so fond of biology thus she's changing her major from Biology (was going to be a chiropractor) to Social Work.

Salem is a mess. Seriously - what is it with turning 6 that puts a child to the task of trying their dear sweet mom's patience? She is SO mouthy. I think she spends more time in timeout or losing her precious marbles (she has yet to fill her jar).

Raina is a doll baby. Very clingy still but so sweet these days. Her tantrums are shorter and shorter lived.

So...nothing major life is good - not perfect but good. I am tired and need to do a million things but they'll have to wait until tomorrow.


The Walters' Family said...

Hey I love what you have done with the MOPS blog. Everyone's stories have been so inspirational. What an amazing why to reach out, and show the love of Christ.

Bonnie said...

Hang in there Leah - soon enough those girls will be grown and gone, and you'll be mourning those timeouts! LOL

txranger93 said...

Darlin'...with your crazy busy life, you deserve some boring! Just sit back and relish it!

As for Salem turning six and suddenly sassy...well, Tyler is doing the same thing. I never had to deal with the terrible two's; I guess I'm getting the terrible six's instead!

These days, Tyler gets one warning to correct his issue. If he persists, then he sits on his time-out stool for six minutes, and I take away one toy (of my choosing) for two days. Needless to say, after implementing this rule, I have yet to take away any toys...

Hang in there!