Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I almost lost my wallet today!

So I take my wallet with me to take Raina to LaRae's so I can get some work done. Raina was trying to put her little (doll) in Salem's car seat so I had to climb in and help her. I get out and get in the front and drive to LaRae's - less than 5 min away.

I left my wallet on the roof of my car. I normally always have my purse. I just was in a hurry.

So I leave LaRae's and go to the post office and then get in the car and go to get a drink and realize I don't have it and panic sets in and I remember putting it on the roof of my car. So I high tail it home and retrace my steps. I turn onto a MAJOR street just in time to see a lady get of her suburban to get the wallet. So she starts to take off and I start honking like mad and she sees me and stops. I get out of my car and actually hold up traffic! I told her my name and she looked in my wallet and kept looking at me so I think I scared her! I am SO glad I saw her pick it up. I was about to call and cancel my debit card and credit card.

Thank God. I hate that I do things like this lately! It's nuts.


glenna said...

Ohhh, I hate that panic that sets in once you realize you've lost something like that. scary! so glad you found out---what timing!!

Bonnie said...

Yikes! I thought I lost mine a few weeks ago, so I know that sense of fear/panic/embarrassment. Thankfully, it had just dropped out of my purse onto the floor of the garage. I'm so glad you were able to get it back and that lady didn't drive off!