Monday, November 3, 2008


I was tagged by Erin to do a "I prompt" list so here are my rambling thoughts.

  • I am glad Halloween is over. I just threw out the candy (gave it away actually.
  • I worry WAY too much.
  • I have: a fantastic life... I am working on being more content.
  • I dislike: doing laundry - especially putting it away. Which is why I am staying up late washing everything we own.
  • I miss: my Papa. I always will. And Angel and Brynna.
  • I fear: something happening to my kids or me dying and not being able to be their mom.
  • I feel: mentally worn out
  • I hear: Larrah laughing at Will and Grace
  • I smell: pinesol
  • I crave: sleep and a massage
  • I cry: often
  • I usually: never get my to do list done
  • I search: for meaning...I am also the research queen.
  • I wonder: what life will be like when I am old.
  • I regret: nothing really. Oh sure I've made a TON of mistakes but Jesus forgave me so I try hard to let it go.
  • I wish: I were more disciplined in a variety of areas
  • I love: Jesus, Brian and the girls, my family, scrapbooking, MOPS, CSI, Biggest Loser, Diet Coke (don't drink it but miss it), chocolate covered almonds, Third Day, Air 1 Radio, Gymboree clothes, my girls in hair bows, Lindsey Cotton Photos, my computer, my boards, my house, my life...
  • I care: a lot about most things and it wears me out. Sometimes you have to let go.
  • I always: pop my fingers and toes and arms
  • I worry: that I'll die without WLS before my time
  • I am not: a patient person. When I decide I want something I want it NOW.
  • I remember: fishing with my Papa. Man I miss him.
  • I believe: in God, and in Jesus and love and family. Now I need to believe in me.
  • I sing: fairly well. I can't listen to the radio and not sing.
  • I don't always: keep a clean house. Well it's clean but cluttered.
  • I write: seldom. I do type a lot!
  • I win: arguments. LOL. Seriously I am like a dog on a bone. I think people let me win to shut me up. Except Julia! :) She'll challenge me.
  • I lose: my mind a little each day.
  • I listen: music constantly. It warms my soul and mellows my thoughts.
  • I don't understand: why bad things happen to good people - like Stacy's baby dying today. It makes no !#!$#%!$ sense.
  • I can usually be found: at my computer with my girls playing beside me.
  • I need: to finish laundry!
  • I forget: too much! I never used to forget anything.
  • I am happy: I really am fairly happy. Even when dealing with all the crapola.

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