Friday, November 28, 2008

5 Weeks & 2 Days...

I sent my deposit check 2 weeks ago for my weight loss surgery (WLS). We fly out of Abilene to San Diego on the 4th of January, have surgery on the 5th and return on the 8th.

It's almost surreal and so exciting and yet seems really not possible. Hmmm... I am very excited and have been doing research about what to eat on my post op diet and what foods most people have problems with etc.

My friend Heidi had the same surgery on February 1st and we just realized we were similar sizes and the same height. Our weight was within 5 pounds of each other. She's now at goal (in August). I can't fathom that I could be at goal in 6-8 months. She's 141 and in a size 6-8 but of course she wants plastic surgery to deal with the skin. I just can't think about that. If I have to live a few years in spanx I will. Cause we will be SO broke for a while after this. But it will be so worth. I am praying my cholesterol improves and I have a HUGE shot at it resolving my diabetes. That happens for a huge majority.

Anyway - I just wanted to post an update.

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