Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I Whine About My Day?

  • It started early when Brian woke me up at 6:30 (my alarm goes off at 6:45) cause he couldn't get his new phone to sync and his ride was scheduled to be here at 7 to pick him up for his trip out of town.
  • Then I only got 2 hours of work in today and I needed 3. That means I have 5 hours to make up in 2 days - 1 1/2 really as Sat we can only work til 12:30. And tomorrow I can't get much done cause Salem has her Jump Rope A Thon and a Pep Rally and mid morning I have a MOPS thing.
  • Then I waited at the police department for 45 minutes with two VERY cranky kids while they searched for an accident report.
  • Then after I immediately got in the car the insurance company called as they had already received a claim. It's our commercial policy. They had a fender bender last Sat. Pete was driving. It was his fault - this lady had a blinker on and was stopped so he thought that meant she was turning - she wasn't and went ahead and hit him.
  • So this lady calls and we find out that Pete is not on our commercial policy! I know I told them because I specifically had to have Brian wait for him to drive until he was 21 in October 07. The lady gracious said they would cover the incident but we could expect a rise in premium due to the accident and adding Pete. Sigh.
  • Then I get home and have 5 Christmas light bids to return - YEAH Money! Yuck trying to work around a 6 year old an a three year old without someone to run interference.
  • Oh and we had to file a claim (the 1st ever) on our general liability cause in early October a day laborer we hired when one of our workers dad had a stroke and the other - a single dad - was out with sick kids - anyway - he hit a suburban with a mower and caused $800 worth of damage. So I had to send a check for the deductible today! He actually hit a vehicle with a mower. Sigh!
  • Then the dishwasher repairman and drywall repairman got here at the same time and Raina walked in the room naked!I am tired
ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Oh vent over! Sorry! I am just seriously stressing and trying to keep money IN my bank account and it keeps coming out.

The good news is I did spend $20 and get a new rug, 2 books and some playstuff for the girl's kitchen at Julia's preview to her garage sale tomorrow.


the undomesticated wife said...

Holy moly! Leah, you need a vacay!

Shannon said...

I think I would have just gone back to bed at number 1 or 2 . :)