Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Noonan Shirts Are Ready!!!

I am proud to announce the Noonan Syndrome T-Shirt is Officially Available. Take a look at the shirt that you all helped to design.

I think it's beautiful!!! And eye-catching enough to spark conversation and is stylish and fashionable so anyone would be proud to wear it.

Aaron King | Third Human VP, Business Operations FiveHumans® write: "Now, this was definitely one of our more difficult designs which is why it took us such a long time. In going through all of the questionnaires, trying to figure out what the shirt should look like, no specific design or "phrase" or "statistic" seemed to embody what the shirt should be while still being stylish. So we looked at what we think is the most "powerful" thing about NS that we've ran into, which is the passion and the voices of the NS community. So we decided to take every one of the 5 words that were submitted to us in the questionnaires with an attractive design element and put a little bit of everyone who submitted a questionnaire into the shirt, so it is truly emblematic of all of you. Obviously, there were words that were repeated numerous times and the most positive, powerful ones we highlighted in a larger more bold text, with the largest of them all being, PROUD.

So, we hope you enjoy the design and realize that every single one of those words is what Noonan Syndrome means to someone, and it's something that we feel will get enough people to stop, look and ask, that the people within the community can spread awareness with their voices and their stories, with the shirt just being a tool for those affected to deliver their own message."

Please consider ordering a shirt. A portion of the proceeds will go the NS Support Group!

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