Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Salem's 7 Year Pics

Thanks to Lindsey "Amazing Photographer" Cotton for these wonderful photos. There is a special thanks that goes to Lindsey as these were taken the day I found out that Kathy had stage 4 colon cancer. I was a mess and making calls and I asked her if she could handle changing Salem and everything. And she did. Thank you Lindsey. I will NEVER forget that.

Salem is having a spa/pedicure party (thus the pic of her in the house coat). :) I can't believe she's almost 7 years old. I am feeling very nostalgic and missing Angel and Brynna as well. I am sure I always will.


Amy Voss said...

Good pictures! I love the picture that captured her jumping in the air!

Rachel said...

Lydia loves looking at these pictures of Salem :D *chuckle* Cracked me up. She would not get down. She kept pointing at her. :)