Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Slight Update On Raina's Therapy Stuff

OK we had our ARD last week and they want to evaluate her. I took that to mean that they didn't agree with the PDD NOS diagnosis but a couple of moms with autistic kids have reassured me that they always have their autistic team evaluate the kids. I just got weird about it cause she said her tantrums didn't sound autistic. Um she's not autistic. She is on the spectrum but she has Pervasive Development Disorder NOS which means she doesn't fit classical autism. So we'll see. F they say it's not PDD I found a developmental ped in Lubbock (2 1/2 hours) that I am going to take her to and compare the diagnosis from the School of Psychology and the school district.

That evaluation is tomorrow at 9:30 and at 1 we go for the speech/OT referral. She'll qualify easy for the latter so that should start next week. I will feel GREAT applying for financial aid for summer speech/OT considering I already owe $1300 (we pay as much as we can each month but last year when they didn't have CHIPS we racked up a $3K bill and had that hospital bill). but they'll give it to us thank God. And I'll rack up a bill for her for summer. I am hoping they will let her diagnosis stick so she can do speech/OT through PreK in the fall. Right now we are qualified so unless there are loopholes she'll go to Headstart 8-2 five days a week starting in August.

She had a hearing exam last week and wouldn't really cooperate but from what they saw she's fine but will retest her in 6 months. They said incomplete results are common with this age and this diagnosis.

She got shots today and they have everything but chicken pox so we have to go back in June. And with our new insurance we'll have to get all new Dr.s. Lovely. But it's all in progress thankfully.

Speech camp is June 15-19 and 22-25 for an hour and a half and King David's Kids Camp (a lot of autistic and other disabled kids go) is the 22-25 too. from 1-4 At first I was worried with her separation anxiety and tantrums but at least all these people are professionals and are able to deal with it and know to let her hide and chill. Salem will go to the sibling camp hopefully at King David's Kids. They consider them at risk since the affected child gets so much attention throughout the day just in normal day to day circumstances.

So I just thought I'd update ya'll!

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