Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raina & Salem

Salem has had a great few weeks. She's so empathetic, caring and considerate. She's doing well in school and tutoring and I know we made the right decision to move her forward to 1st. During the summer she'll do Camp Rehab, Swim Lessons and 2 Art Camps.

Raina - well we got her diagnosis back and she does have sensory processing issues but her diagnosis is Pervasive Development Disorder. We have appointments for OT/Speech etc and we will have to have an ARD visit at Headstart.

It was a stressful week dealing with her new information. I actually really do know that she'll be fine eventually but truth be told I am at the end of my rope some days and totally stretched and I keep thinking, "how am I going to survive the next few years with them both in therapy?" Therapy is really helping me. God is using it to save me cause I am really bad about not sharing how I am really doing with people. I tend to say we're great, I'm fine, yadda yadda yadda...

Sigh... Please keep my beautiful girls in prayer.

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