Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salem's Baptistm Today!

I think I mentioned last summer that Salem asked Jesus into her heart. For the last several months she's been asking to be baptized and we've worked with her on the meaning and she "has it". The actual baptism was BEAUTIFUL. I have a video and I'll see if ya'll can hear it. I don't think it got most of the sound. So was so sweet and peaceful and while Brian prayed with her before she was so tender-hearted. Then during her childrens pastor mentioned how beautiful and sweet a heart Salem had and then when Brian asked her why she wanted to be baptized she said cause I love Jesus. So sweet!

Here are a few pics. We had family and friends over for a celebration dinner afterwards. That as so sweet.

The drama was RIGHT after church we were trying to leave in a hurry to get home as my inlaws were waiting to get in. I had the van open and then a fight broke out in front of church (our church is considered an inner city ministry so we get ALL kinds of people). I yelled at them to stop and they wouldn't so I yelled at a girl to get my kids in the van and tried to get a staff member to get Brian and Chad and they kept fighting. Well somehow they turned around and ran straight into me and I fell off the curb and turned my foot and the bottom of my dooney got tore, my new heels got torn and I strained a tendon in my foot. The sad thing was the girl got Raina and a friend's daughter in the van but not Salem and she saw it all and thought they were hitting me and was hysterical for about half an hour. On her baptism day. Like we say - Only At The Mission but it really pissed me off. Sad thing is Brian about lost it and Chad had to get him away from the guy and Chad is going to have to make a rule if you cause problems at the mission you won't be allowed back.

Sad huh? Anyway I think Salem and I talked enough about how the enemy just wanted to ruin her day but that God was SO proud of her and look how many friends and family showed up to show their support and love. And then we came home and she had a few gifts from friends and the meal so I think she's ok with it all. I hope so. I am SO mad about it though. I also had all her family and friends write her something in her birthday birth as this is kinda like her spiritual birthday!

Anyway...lovely huh? Oh and I got a phone call that someone found Salem's cat dead. I don't think we're going to tell her. Definitely not today anyway.

Before the baptism before Brian put on his robe.

Praying With Daddy Before:

Waiting her turn:

Then right when she came up she grabbed day and we all started crying. Actually Brian and I cried the whole time.

Click on this link to see a video:

Salem's Baptism Video


Whitney said...

That last picture is priceless... makes me tear up! What a day ya'll had! Congrats on your weight loss! Awesome!

Aimee said...

Oh my goodness Leah! I'm glad you're okay. What an awful thing to happen after such a joyous time.

the undomesticated wife said...

That is just so sweet and the pictures are priceless! It is making me well up with tears! And I think it's so special that Brian baptized her. My dad baptized me too, as well as my brother (and my mom, too, after they were first married). Love that.

Sorry about the fight on her special day. I hope you are ok.

glenna said...

wow, so special. that last picture says it all. How wonderful for Brian to baptize her.