Sunday, March 29, 2009

12 Week Pics & Weekly Exercise Log

The first pic is awful but my DH had it on the wrong setting but I think it's more flattering to what I've lost. These are my size 16 capris. :) And ignored my hair. The West Texas wind destroyed it! LOL.

Week 6
3/22 - 100 Crunches, Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK4D3
3/23 - WK5D1, Worked Arms
3/24 - WK5D2, Worked Legs
3/25 - Pilates 45 Minutes, Cardio (Cross Trainer, Treadmill & Various Exercises) 1 Hour
3/27 - 1 Hour Strength Training, Worked Arms & Legs

Week 7 - This week I started with...
3/29 - Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK4D3, 100 Crunches


The Walters' Family said...

You are shrinking! I wish I had your discipline to get rid of drinking as many cokes as I do. What is your secret?

Smartie Duck said...


Anonymous said...

Leah you look BEAUTIFUL!

The Lipsius Family said...

Just checking in on you! I have been wondering how you were doing after the surgery. You look fabulous! I'm extremely jealous! I've blossemed to like 225 and don't see a way out at the moment!