Thursday, March 12, 2009


I saw this on Gwen's blog and had to copy...

I am: a Christian, a wife, a mother...I really don't have huge goals outside of being the best of those that I can be.

I think: way too much most of the time. I over analyze and worry things to death. It consumes me and I really have to work on it.

I have: enough. I do and echo Gwen's sentiments. We're not rich but we're blessed. I have a car, a house I love, a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful girls and I get to do most I want to do. Maybe I am low maintenance but when I hear that over half the world's population only lives on $2 a day and that a child dies from hunger every 7 seconds - well I become very repentant.

I admit I do want more sometimes but I refuse to let it consume me the way it did in my twenties. Life is too short to be consumed by "stuff".

I dislike: abuse of any kind - especially children. Lazy people or people who think they know it all. Just be quiet already.

I miss: Angel and Brynna every day and man can I make Salem and Raina stop growing? It's going so fast. I also miss my papa.

I fear: anything happening to any member of my family. And the unknown. Just like Gwen. There goes that thinking spirit again.

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Williams Family said...

And I think you are awesome! Had fun yesterday with the you and the kiddos. We'll have to do it again soon...on a Saturday