Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Queen of Weekly Updates

It looks like I'm the queen of weekly updates lately! LOL. Weight loss wise I am doing GREAT. I just posted pics last week so I am not going to take another so soon but they are in my profile. I am down an even 50 pounds and feel fantastic. I've gone from a size 22 to to a 16. My diabetes and cholesterol and all my bloodwork is perfect! :) All I have to do is supplement with Vitamin D.

I have SO much more energy. I just love how I feel right now. I am working out 6 days a week (about to go to the gym now). I can't say I always love working out but I love the way I feel afterwards. Last week I made my goal of working out for 5 hours (got to 5 1/2) and eventually I want to work out 8 hours a week! I love this new part of my life.

Salem is doing great in school. She's moving on to 1st great!!! YEAH!!! I am just so amazing at her when I look at her. She's so charming and tender hearted and full of love.

Raina is a mess - a sweet mess but a mess none-the-less. We're still doing the hand sock with a zip tie to keep her from sucking her fingers. But she hasn't figured out a coping mechanism to replace it with and man drop offs at MOPS, the gym, speech lab etc are awful. And she doesn't just cry for 10 minutes or's usually 30-45 minutes. So right now I am trying to plan my work outs around when she doesn't have to go to the gym. Brian is going to take her to speech lab (two hours twice a week) for now and MOPS...we'll deal with it. Worst case Laura will bring her to me. Please pray for her.

All in all it's a great week. Meditation is really helping me focus and stay calm and less frustrated. YEAH! It worked. I was not expecting it too! LOL. My therapist keep telling me to and I finally listened. It does help.

My next goal is to get up early and do a devotional and meditate before the girls wake up! Blech! LOL.

My exercise journal this past week!

Week 7

3/29 - Body Flow Class 1 Hour, WK5D3, 100 Crunches (90 Minutes)
3/30 - WK6D1 (34 Minutes)
3/31 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)
4/1 - WK6D2 (30 Minutes)
4/2 - WK6D3 & Worked Arms (1 Hour)
4/3 - Strength Training (60 Minutes)

5 1/2 Hours Total - YEAH!!!!


Brenda-Ann said...

Congratulations! You are over half way to your goal weight.

glenna said...

WTG wou're doing with the weight loss!!! you're doing awesome!!!

glenna said...

oh geez. that's what typing with one hand gets me. My previous post was supposed to say: WTG you're doing great with the weight loss! my laptop's "mouse" makes my cursor jump around. oops!