Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update From Me

No pics. I swear my camera HATES me. I lost my beloved Canon S2 last October. So I bought another camera and I have the worst time getting the cord to connect to the computer when connected to the camera. But it works with Brian's blackberry! GRRR.

This is my exercise log this week. I have to work out today. Not sure what to do yet. The newest recommendations for weight loss is 300 minutes a week! Ack! Anything helps but it really helps when you do it consecutively and work different muscle groups and that's what I am trying to do. I have SO much more energy.

3/16 - 100 Crunches, 10 Wall Push Ups, Wall Sits, 15 Cardio On Treadmill
3/17 - 100 Crunches, WK4D1
3/18 - 100 Crunches, Strength Training 40 Minutes, WK4D2
3/20 - 100 Crunches, Strength Training/Cardio - 1 Hour

I am going to start going to a bible based grief support group on Mondays until June. I am a tad nervous. It's like people need to label things and qualify why you are hurting or grief stricken. I almost chose to go to a child loss group but then thought of how devastated I would be if someone thought my losses were less than theirs. I've been looking out my window into the back yard everyday and I hope the tree that we planted for Brynna and Angel blooms soon. It looks so sad looking so barren.

Salem is doing GREAT in tutoring. Her tutor things she will be fine for 1st grade. Salem does have testing next week. Sigh! I know it's a necessary evil but I hate it. LOL.

Raina is doing well with speech and we're now attempting to get her not to suck her fingers by using a hand sock with a zip tie. Poor kid. She is smiling in this pic but she got ice cream! She was not smiling for 2 days. Today we took it off to take a bath and she willingly put a new one on so hopefully that's a good sign.

We went to see Dr. Steadman on Monday and they are getting us a referral to a pediatric neurologist in Dallas. Salem needs to be officially tested for Audiology Processing Disorder and Raina - well even though Raina is doing GREAT in speech she is still SO far behind and I am hoping I am just being ultra sensitive but I think she's fairly behind socially - not average shyness - and in sensory overload. So I am going to have them check her out just in case. Then we'll get a referral to rehab for OT and Speech as she won't qualify for any services with Headstart after summer as she's not at risk and has more than 10 words (even though she only speaks in 3-4 word phrases at almost 4).

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the undomesticated wife said...

You're doing great! And I think you look fantastic. And the best part, like you had told me, is that you feel better and are able to do things that you couldn't do last year. Just think about how much better you'll feel this time next year!

Best wishes with the support group. Don't feel like your loss is less than anyone else's. A loss is a loss, and considering all of the heartache you had the years leading up to Angel and Brynna, yours was huge! You may really get a lot out of it. Everyone there will be able to relate. ((hugs))