Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another random update

WOW a week flew by. Nothing major interesting going on except that I quit my part time job. Seems crazy but it was too much time away from the kids and Brian with our busy schedules.

My 2 month update slightly late: I am doing well. Down 40 pounds and going strong. Still dealing with some nausea but its better and I feel great. I work out about 5 times a week and just got my bloodwork today! Hoping all is well. I am so excited. I am in an 18 and a 1x (started at a 22 and a tight 2x). I am SO very excited. :)I have so much more energy already. Its amazing. The lowest I've been in 10 years is 189 and I am close to bypassing that.

Brian and I got away with the girls and went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It's an awesome indoor water park. y. Last year when we went I was miserably tired and hated it to be honest (the active part). I was glad Raina hated it as well so I'd have an excuse to be in my room resting while she napped or we relaxed in the kiddie pool or hot tub. But this year she loved it and honestly so did I. Just weighing 40+ pounds less I have WAY more energy and I was going down the slides with the girls. The big twisty slides. Brian noticed and commented. We must have gone down the slides about 30 times a day. No more being a sidelines mama for me.

And speaking of Great Wolf Lodge - This is Raina devastated that we are leaving. In the lobby she kept falling down and crying no home - no home. When we get her to the car that is her hand is reaching towards GWL as we're leaving and she's saying swimming pool! Sad!

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glenna said...

that's great that you all got to get away. I bet that was fun! Poor Raina...totally bummed about leaving.