Friday, December 12, 2008

Tiring Week

You know I am almost ready for the holidays to be over. I am just not in the spirit this year. My tree is up but so much other stuff is in boxes on my table. My goal is to do that tomorrow.

Our Christmas light business is usually dead right after December 1st. Not this year so I am STILL a single mom. Brian is out right now installing a new job.

My grandmother was sick and we took her to the hospital on Sunday and besides being their for 6 years they didn't do anything. It's getting harder and harder to keep her at home. We're going to have to think about her going to a nursing home in 2009.

I still have to find a delivery confirmation receipt, mail a package to Korie, file a claim with the post office, do payroll and that's on top of the regular activities and compounded by a busy week next week with Salem's school party and The King's Table at the Mission. GRRRR.

I need a hot bath, a margarita and a valium! LOL.

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txranger93 said...

You need a hot bath, a margarita, a valium, and a trip to Alabama!

Hang in there, girl!!