Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Week!!!

First of all we had a great but busy Christmas. Nannie came home on Christmas Eve, then we had Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning was just us, then we went to Snyder for lunch with Brian's dad and step brother's family, then home the next day - Korie came in and we drove to Brownwood to see Brian's mom and sister. We came back Sat night. It was hectic but fun but I am SO looking forward to a laid back going no where Christmas next year. :) We'll see if I win that! LOL.

I have a big week. Salem is still out of school and they are loving playing with their toys. I hope to post some Christmas pics soon! But I have a lot to get done
  • I went on this huge cleaning organizing spree yesterday and I cleaned out my desk and threw away or recycled a ton. Next is my bedroom.
  • I have to pack for my surgery in Mexico
  • Tomorrow we're going to a local hotel for swimming and NYE with the girls and will have a bday dinner with my sister at a Japanese steak house
  • Get the girl's schedule's and needs all lined out for next week while I am gone. LaRae and a wonderful lady from church are going to be a great help.
  • There are some MOPS things to work out for the meeting on the 12th.
  • Get Nannie's needs all lined out for next week while I am gone. Thankfully home health is going to come everyday and help mom get her out of bed and Brian will help her get in bed.
  • Go to GNC and the health food store to look at some protein supplement stuff. I should have done that already.
  • Do billing! Leave instructions for Brian on deposits while I am gone.
  • Friday Brian and I are scheduled to get our chromosome testing done. I am nervous about this but it needs to be done.
  • Relax? LOL. Yeah right. I can relax on the plane.
So I do have a lot to do and a short time to do it but I am SO very excited about my surgery. Please say a prayer!!!

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Bonnie said...

You are in my prayers Leah, I know all will go well. And I know you'll get everything on your list done in time - if not, then it wasn't important, heheh.