Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost Ready To Relax

I had a crazy November with Brian gone so much and us all taking turns being sick. Normally my tree and all the decorations are up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I just got my tree up today. It is beautiful though. One of my beautiful stocking hangers is broken! :( And I am not sure I can find another. It's pewter and I am crazy in that they MUST match. So I will go to Hobby Lobby this weekend and see what I can find. But the tree is up and I have to get the Happy Halloween vinyl sticker off my door! LOL. I can't find a razor. I have two little trees to put outside but I'll do that when it's less cold. Salem and Raina can decorate their pink trees tonight and I'll take pics tomorrow.

MOPS is over for the year too. I LOVE MOPS but I have had a hard year with shingles and illness and such that I was struggling the past month. I am so glad we have an assistant coordinator this year. I don't know what I would have done last year when I was doing my job, Joann's job and part of publicity (website/blog).

So what are we doing this year? Well believe it or not we scaled back on commitments and we're still booked SOLID. I have a girls night out with LaRae, Julia, Deanna, A'lisa on the 16th! WHOO HOO!!!!

Salem's school program is this Thursday, Saturday night they are going to an AMOM Parent's Night Out so Brian and I can go to a movie. I want to see Four Christmases. He wants to see something more action packed. I feel like I get to choose since I've been a single mom for 6 weeks! LOL.

Love and Care Ministries Christmas on the Streets is next week and next Wednesday is the Mission's King's Table. That's Brian's baby. We have health care professionals doing cholesterol and diabteic screenings, give flu shots, eye exams, back adjustments and hair cuts. We feed the guests and give out presents and give a gospel presentation that includes a 6 foot cake!!! :)

We still need used toys and donations to use for food if any one wants to help you can email me at leah @ abilenemops.com. And we could always use volunteers both serving and if you're a health care worker.

Then we have LaRae and her kiddos over on the 22nd for our traditional family dinner and present exchange. We will SO miss John this year.Then I am scheduling NOTHING the week of Christmas or the week after except a night at McM Elegante om New Year's Eve. The girl's don't know. Salem's been asking for weeks to go swimming at a hotel.

So all I have to do is finish these cards, wrap the gifts, finish sprucing up the house and help plan Salem's party at school! Thank God I have the last 2 weeks of December to relax.


the undomesticated wife said...

You've gotten a lot done! Take a break already Leah! LOL

I haven't done any cards. Not sure if I will. I'm just kind of blah about it right now. :(

Julia Stewart said...

18th dude....

the 16th is mops movie night....

which I KNOW you are coming to... right? right?

Leah said...

Sorry Julia. I have both dates on my calendar and will be at both!!!

(((Ga))) Come see me. Check your email.