Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chromosomal Anaylsis

Remember the whole unknown marker thing on Salem's chromosomal analysis? Harvard wants to see if Brian or I have it as well. If we do we'll test Korie and Raina. They still don't know what it is but it would be good information to have down the road if it's ever identified and related to anything. We did get approved for a grant to cover the testing thank God as it would have easily been a couple of thousand.

Then once that is all done Salem will have the PTN11 test for NS and we'll go to Dallas to Cook's so it will done correctly.

I've not heard from her cardiologist about the endocrinologist referral but for now I am going to sit on that til Spring cause with all I have going on I am not sure I can handle all that. So we'll see.


the undomesticated wife said...

Will she have to go to the endocrinologist here?

You'd think if Harvard wants you to do the test that they'd flip the bill!

Leah said...

Yes we'll come there. I don't think there is a ped's clinic here for endocrinology. We'll see since I put that on the back burner. I am SO tempted to just disappear for a day and come up! LOL.

Yes I wish they would. Salem is covered but not Brian and I.

Leah said...

Any chance you'd come here?