Friday, August 28, 2009

Plastic Surgery Consult

But not until February 1st. We have a newish Dr. here that has a great reputation so I am going to check it out before deciding to go to DFW, Brazil etc.

I have lost 81 pounds and while I am still losing some inches I am not confident I can get my last 16 pounds off without surgery. Plus my skin is AWFUL. Sigh. I just don't think my stomach will get better and my boobs look awful but I am nervous. So if all goes well $$$ wise, I hope to have surgery in April so I have time to recover before my kids are out of school for summer.

For those that did surgery - were you at goal? How was your recovery? I am looking at either breast implants or an augmentation and a tummy tuck.

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Larisa said...

I did my surgery 1 year and 1 month out. I did a tummy tuck with breast implants. They took 10 lbs off my stomach but then put 5 up in my breasts. I am finding 2 years later that I am getting rolls over my tummy tuck line. I had gotten down to 111 and after fighting with the doctors I am back to 132 but trying to take 10 off. I feel better, my face doesnt have so many lines and I dont look old like I did so thin.

I was back to work 1/2 days after a week and a half and back full time in 2 weeks. Landon did kick my in my stomach so I had to go and have it drained for about 2 months.