Thursday, August 13, 2009

Label Daddy - Free Shipping & 10% Off

Check out Label Daddy's Newest Special. With a School Pack You get 132 laminated labels plus 4 zipper pulls for $40.

It's everything you’ll need to head back to school! Our School Pack is loaded with labels... lots of sizes too! Over 130 labels, 7 different sizes and also includes our newest creation... the zipper pull! You’ll receive 4 Zipper Pulls in each pack! Not only do you get tons of different sizes for all of your school supplies, but the entire school pack is laminated, for that extra layer of protection!

My code is westtxmom for the 10% off.

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Anne Bradshaw said...

This sounds very cool. Thanks for sharing. And your fantastic weight loss is major cool, too! Hats off to you. I just dropped by from Not Entirely British