Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Months Post Weight Loss Surgery

WOW what a difference in these two pics eh? I am SO excited cause I got my results from my bloodwork today!!!

Trigyclerides - 121 - NORMAL!!! :)
Total Cholesterol - 175
HDL - 48
LDL - 111
A1C - 5.9

And my B12 was fine and my Vitamin D a tad low even with the supplement. My folate was a little high. Is that because I eat so much protein? I called for my results and she said she would have Dr. T call me when he's back in town.

I can't find my #'s from October. I have them somewhere. But my A1C was 6.4 which was decent for me but not great. But my cholesterol and trigyclerides were REALLY bad. So I am SO thankful!!!!!

We were on vacation when my surgiversary came around but I thought I'd post today. :) My highest weight was 267 and my surgery weight was 232.6. Today I weigh 153.4. :) I am about 18 pounds from goal. :) The last two months I've lost only 7 pounds but I think that's awesome and I am glad it's consistent. At this rate I hope to be at goal in October.

I typically work out a lot but the last three weeks has been hard since I hurt my back and then went on vacation. But this week my goal is to get back to 5-7 hours a week. Eventually I want to work out 8-10 hours a week.

I concentrate on protein first and watch my carbs. I get at least 70 g of protein a day but my goal is to get closer to 100 on a regular basis. I am still around 800-900 calories a day and very little hunger. I still get full REALLY fast with dense protein but I can eat 4-5 oz of cottage cheese.

I love my sleeve. The only problem I have in the continual skin issue under my apron but I know there is nothing I can do about that until I can have a tummy tuck. I am hoping for next summer. I am in a size 12 and if my stomach wasn't so bad I think I'd easily be in an 8 cause my legs and the seat of my pants don't fit in my 12's - only the waist. I am in a medium shirt. :) That feels AWESOME.


Whitney said...

That is amazing! Have you looked into getting some Spanks! I wear them under dresses b/c after having babies your stomach always has loose skin (or at least mine does) and they help your stomach to look really flat and not lumpy! Ha!

Leah said...

Thanks. I normally wear spanx with dresses like that but forgot to pack them. They do help with the skin a lot! :)

Hall Family in MD said...

You look great!!

Julia Stewart said...

you look AMAZING as ever... I miss you friend!

Bella said...

Your story is great encouragement..My Mother is going to have a Gastric Bypass this Oct...Can I please share your story with her? I look at your blog threw a mutual friends!
Thanks for sharing your journey! Ami Weisiger

hw416 said...

You've done so great, Leah!

Leah said...

DEfinitely Bella

Gwen said...

Awesome, Leah!

Larisa said...

WTG Leah!!!! You look wonderful and so do the girls.