Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's New At The Holamon House...

Lots...we're having our downstairs bathroom remodeled. I am hoping it's done Monday or Tuesday at the latest. :)

Last week the girls had cheer camp at ACS. This was SO hard for Raina but it's my goal to keep her socialized as well as I can this summer. She cried when I left the first day and when I camp back she'd attached herself to Morgan one of the cheerleaders. Had her fingers on her ear and everything. LOL. Poor girl. But she was SO very sweet with her. She's trying to come out of her shell I think.

So it was a busy week. They had fun.

Then we had to apply for a scholarship for Salem and Raina to keep receiving speech and get OT for Raina. Their state insurance ended the 31st. Their new insurance doesn't start til July 1st and their deductible has to be paid. So we got it!!!! 100%.

Salem - speech 1x a week
Raina - Speech 2x a week
Raina - OT 1x a week (Her sensory inventory came back much worse than she anticipated. )

Thank you God. I feel SO relieved that they will get services for a year. And I got Raina's IEP progress report. She had 5 items and didn't master any of them - but showed some progress - it stairsteps from no progress to some progress to good progress to mastered. And she still didn't qualify for summer speech. But whatever. They are trying. The guidelines miss kids like Raina. It's too bad but it's reality. I am just not a mom to be satisfied with that.

Raina has Cinderella Dance Camp this week and Salem has swimming and Camp Rehab. Such busy times but so fun.

We went to see UP last night. The story line was great and most of the kids probably didn't get it. We liked it.

I am down to 165.4. :) I thought I was about to beat Brian's 165 and he went and lost 3 pounds without trying. GRRR. I tried a spin class and Zumba this week trying to shake up my workouts. :) I am thinking about going to Dublin and doing a 4K this next Sat.

Anyway that's our news. :) Hope you're having a good week.

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the undomesticated wife said...

So how much weight does that make so far? I guess that means you are only 20 pounds away from your goal, right? Wow!!

You guys are always so busy. I don't know how you do it!