Sunday, May 25, 2008

OK I got sidetracked from starting the blog. But I have good intentions..does that count? LOL.

It's been a busy 2 months. MOPS Stuff, The Great MOMS Walk, The girl's therapy schedules..

Speaking of therapy - Raina graduated ECI this past Friday. We now qualify or 30 minutes twice a week through headstart. I have figured up that with drive time and wait time we'll now be in therapy between Salem (speech/pt) and Raina (speech) 5 hours week.

My personal training sessions with Ever Fit are over. I wish I could afford more. So this next week I need to find a gym or class to go to. I've lost 15 pounds and want to lose more...I did start a Tai Chi class at Master Hong's Martial World. It's wonderful relaxing and the stretching is wonderful.

So I fill like this is a filler post. But I'll get better.

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