Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who Me? Just Me...

Am I really blogging? I guess I am. I used to be addicted to Diaryland during my IVF and Salem's first two years. It was a perfect place for me to vent and cry and update and enjoy. Then along came Raina and my free time seriously changed with one seriously clingy infant. She's still quite clingy at almost 3. But she's darling.

But I am going to try again and post my pics and updates for family and friends here. Let's see if I do a better job of updating!

About me:

I'm 40 (I still can't believethat) and a mom to 4 girls - 18, 17, 5 and 2. I also have 2 deceased daughters - Angel and Brynna. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother and am the oldest but have the youngest kids. Go figure. I started late then couldn't get pregnant. I have a great husband who is now the associate pastor at The Mission and I am a SAHM. I LOVE Christian music - especially Christian rock. Third Day is my absolute favorite. I've been a fan for 8+ years I guess. I am a true Gomer at heart.

I spend most of my free time with MOPS stuff, my online IVF group, and scrapbooking. I am the highly opinionated one in my family. I am also strongly working on living green life. My latest project is deplasticizing or home (mainly food containers, dishes etc) and I LOVE using my reusablebags.

About my family:

Brian is the associate pastor at the Mission and works hard at our lawn and landscaping service so I can stay at home with the girls. He also goes on a mission trip to Brazil once a year. Eventually the girls and I will go with him. He's a wonderful dad and great husband. I don't know how I got so lucky. Thank you Jesus.

Larrah is our adopted daughter. She's 18 and is now a hairstylist!!! Our family is complete with her.

Korie is 17 and is going to college in August. She's Brian's daughter from his first marriage. Brian and I got married when she was 7. She's like my own child. I LOVE her to pieces. She's a cheerleader and Salem likes to mimic her.

Salem is 5 and has Noonan's Syndrome. Thankfully she's on the mild end of the spectrum. She was an IVF baby and a surviving triplet - her sisters Angel and Brynna are in heaven. She is in speech and PT and doing AWESOME and her heart condition (associated with the NS) is managed by medication. She's my sweet lovable girl. Her name is a Hebrew word for peace.

Raina is almost 3. I can't believe the little toot is almost 3. Unbelievable. She is our suprise miracle. She's a mess. Into EVERYTHING! LOL. And SO clingy but better than she used to be. Now she's just into everything and terrorizes Salem! LOL. Somedays I get nothing done but try to remember she's just a baby. This won't last long. Her name means pure in Hebrew.

What else? I am just a woman who loves her family and enjoys life - or tries to. Life for me centers on Jesus and my family.

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