Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prayers For Albert's Family

This is an email I got from my pastor earlier tonight. Please keep Albert's family and this entire situation in prayer. :(

...I just returned home from a night that I will never forget. Tonight Jose Muniz, Tony, Desmond, and myself met with many of Alberts family. We met with his Dad that is behind bars at the county jail, his mom, his wife, his brothers and sister, I even got to hold little Domenic Albert's son. I even walked down the alley where my friend's body was found. My heart is broken for many reasons, but rejoices for one reason. My heart breaks knowing that the very thing Albert was trying to get away from gang violence is the very thing that ended up taking his life. I celebrate because I was there when Albert asked Jesus to come into his life. As I sit at my desk at my house and go through the bible that I had given Albert back in March that his family gave me tonight, there is a passage in Psalms 35 that he had highlighted that almost seems as if it was a prophecy for his life.It reads

I will keep you all updated about upcoming arrangements. Please continue to pray for his family, and all of us. This story has hit way to close to home for me. He was and is a brother and inspiration to me. Although his life has come and gone, His story will continue to live on . The greatest beauty in this tragedy is that Albert's prayer was answered, He was rescued. Live to Love.C

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