Wednesday, April 21, 2010


And did you notice how short her hair was in the pic I posted? She gave herself a mullet two weeks ago! Seriously - a mullet. Sigh! LOL.She really hated her hair being cut but after a few days decided it was just as princessy as before - especially with a cool headband!

Today I took Raina to see an opthamologist. He thinks she needs to be patched 24/7 for 4 wks. He changed her right eye RX significantly. She has an astigmatism & may need bifocals. Right now we're going to patch the left eye, change right eye RX & go back in 4 weeks to see if she still needs the patch & bifocals. I hope sh...e doesn't HATE it. :( But he says the more I insist on it the better it will help her eye.

And she's doing wonderfully with her speech development and social skills. We do plan to put her at Salem's school in the fall for another year of preK and then go from there. :) I am SO pleased. She's a different kid than last year.

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