Sunday, March 21, 2010

A long awaited update

So I had my tummy tuck on December 30th. It went well. I eventually developed a seroma and had it aspirated on January 25th. I ended up having an infection (enterococcus) and ended up having surgery and IV antibiotics. The surgery was March 2. I was on vancomycin and zolstyn for 8 days. After surgery I was put on a wound vac. I went home with a PICC line, 2 more weeks of IV antibiotics (just the vancomycin) and the wound vac and homehealth care to facilitate it all. My husband and sister had to learn how to administer my IV antibiotics. It's now almost 7 weeks later and I still have the wound vac. I am doing well and I am praying to be off the wound vac in 2-3 weeks. The infection is gone and I am more mobile. I can drive and get of the house and am more active mentally and physically.

So that brings me to today...I am better and hope to have life resume to some sense my normal. The girls are good. Their lives were turned upside down but they are doing well. Brian had to cancel his mission trip to Brazil (he was supposed to leave 2-8 when I was getting out of the hospital) and he rescheduled it and went March 8th.

It's been a long and arduous recovery. Something I didn't expect and wasn't prepared for. But I am thankful God has allowed me to still be here with my family. I am humbled and feel loved by god and my family and friends who literally had to step in and do everything from giving me IV meds to helping me bathe, dress, do my hair, wash my dishes, clean my home, handle getting the girls to school get the point.

But I am here. Thank you Lord.

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