Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great week so far!

Great week so far! I am off the wound vac!!! Yee Haw!!!! Monday the RN took me off. My wound is open but covered with a mepliex bandage. She'll come back next Monday to change it and all my restrictions are in place but the vac is gone. AMEN.

Yesterday I saw Dr. T for my yearly. So after talking he decided to down dose my diabetes meds to nothing in the next 3 weeks and then do a glucose tolerance test to see if I still need it. :) I hope I don't!!!! I will take my metformin if I need to but I hate the side effects it has on my tummy and bowels. I also had my mammogram. Easy peasy! DONE.

Tomorrow I see the surgeon who we'll check the wound as well and tomorrow night we're going to Dallas to see Korie and I am going shopping for a new wardrobe!

Thanks for all the positive comments about my weight loss. :) I am VERY happy! Now I just want the next 4-6 weeks to pass so I can work out again.

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