Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crappy Update from the Dr. Re: My Back

So I've been going to the chiro since my wreck. It's really helped my neck a lot but there is still a lot of tightness. Originally the xray showed it was straight rather than curved. But because it's still SO tight we started decompression therapy last week. Two days after that I misstepped off a curb and while I didn't fall I felt it in my back immediately. We were going in Salem's Christmas program and I had to stand during most of it. I went to the chiro the next day and it was swollen. He wanted me to see the Dr.

So after 2 hours there today we find that I have a compression between C6-C7 in my neck and arthritis in my neck. The good news is the curve is coming back (it was VERY straight after the wreck). I also have degeneration in the lowest lumbar vertebrae. This was not caused by the wreck or me stepping off the curb but it was exacerbated by it. More than likely it was from being overweight my whole adult life. My tummy tuck will help cause even though I am MUCH lighter that skins just hangs and adds pressure to my back. We are guessing that I have 4-9 pounds of excess skin and while that doesn't sound like a lot it adds a lot of tension to my hips by pulling downward.

So right now there is NOTHING he can do til after I heal from my tummy tuck. But I am not sure I want to do steroid treatments - I don't want to gain any weight. So I am going to talk to my PCP for a second opinion and do some research. He did give me a RX for tramadol and a muscle relaxer and a tens unit (I was borrowing a friend's dads). But I can't take the pain killers and muscle relaxers during the day and drive and such.

After I recover from my tummy tuck I will go back in and we'll see what to do. I do have an inversion table so I'll try that.

I am so disappointed and discouraged. I can't work out the way I was working out and while I know it may get better long term TODAY THIS SUCKS. I am working to letting God's joy and strength fill me but I am just tired I guess cause I feel really crappy about this.


Whitney said...

So sorry, Leah! You've had a rough last few days! Sorry about Raina's stiches! Poor baby!

Janine said...

Be careful with the tramadol, I took it for my back also and one day it threw me for a loop out of the blue and really messed with my mind, I felt like I was going crazy. I've heard people having all kinds of wierd reactions with it. Hope it works for you.

Hanalie said...

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