Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally found a discipline that works for Salem

We've had a really rough month or two with Salem. It cultimated last weekend when I took EVERY single toy away including her American Girl Doll. Then I decided she wouldn't get the chance to earn anything back until she wrote:

Salem - Obey your parents as unto the Lord for it is right - Ephesians 6:1. This is hard for a 7 year old and she had to write it 100 times. It took her 7 days.

Yesterday I just had to ask her - Salem do you need to write? She said no.

Today her behavior digressed and she's sitting beside me writing it ten times. She is devastated and hates writing and so far this is the only punishment or threat of potential punishment that has worked.

I do feel bad for her tears - she HATES writing.


Amy Voss said...

That's great that you found something that works so well.

Mandie said...

I love it! I think it's a great form of discipline... and of course she hates it, but I'm SURE she's getting a lot out of it!!!

homeschoolmama said...

((((((hugs!!!)))))) My kiddies write verses & essays too. They HATE it, but it "sticks" better than anything else!

Allison said...

I may give that a try for attitude problems. I need to find a good verse for that - about respect or something.