Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In an awful posting phase

Right now I am really focused on my 90 Days of Solitude blog. If you haven't read it yet I'd love to have some feedback. Actually, it I would love some feedback. It is being read but I would simply love the feedback regardless of if you're currently reading it or checking it out for the first time.

So I feel like I am neglecting this space but it's so important but I don't know how to do both regularly. So this is going to be a "drive by" don't even proof read post just to give an update. :)

My back and neck is still hurting from my wreck. I started week 5 of my 8 week treatment this week. The pain when he adjusted my neck was intense. They did the probe after and it helped loosen the muscles and I went back 3 hours later to do it again. I go back on Thursday and Friday I am going to get a deep tissue massage. It hurts so much I am tempted to take a muscle relaxer but I TRULY hate those things.

Salem is doing great. She's very sweet and empathic in nature. Her emotional side tends to drive me nuts at times but I practicing being grateful for her emotional side. God created her that way for a reason and I feel like it's part of my job to help her cultivate that into service to God.

Raina is growing by leaps and bounds socially and speech wise. I am almost to the point where I see less and less autistic signs. I wonder if her speech and social anxiety were so intense that some of the autistic characteristics were simply a part of the behavior that stemmed from the intense social anxiety and the inability to communicate? I don't know. Either way - her behavior improves greatly most days.

Brian is swamped with Christmas light installations which is a good thing. But we miss him. He's gone a lot right now.

Well that's all for now. I have some great pics of the girls to share and hopefully will get to that tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday! :)

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Anonymous said...

Even though your heart at first wasn't in the right place after finding out that Brian had volunteered to cook them thanksgiving dinner. You asked on facebook for friends if they wanted to help out by bringing over different parts of the meal.
You blessed others by letting them help you and the family in need.