Friday, June 20, 2008

Salem starts horse back riding lessons next week. I am SO excited. We couldn't get her in the equine therapy program. It's limited to a small # of participants and usually kids that CP, Downs and those that are autistic and emotionally disturbed get first shot.

So a friend helped me find a lady who teaches kids. She actually works with one of the therapists in the equine therapy program! So they are going to work up a treatment plan together. She's going to do 2 30-minute lessons a week.

Please pray this helps. I don't feel like her PT and braces have helped significantly in the last 2 years at all.

It's been a long week. Salem had VBS this week and also did her 6 year check up. She's actually not 6 til October but we did it when we did Raina's. Salem is 38 inches tall and only 32 pounds. Nope no coming out of the harness long term anytime soon. She also did all her blood work and genetic testing this week. We're doing a chromosome analysis, testing for a specific gene that over 50% of other NS kids have (there are 3 other genes that are associated with NS but this one PTN11 is the most common) and some blood clotting tests. She was SUCH a trooper. They took 10 vials of blood.

Raina got her check up too. She's 24 pounds but 36 inches tall. WOW. She's certainly going to be taller than Salem.

Salem is questing why she's differently lately. It's hard. You want to equip them with the knowledge they need to know but you also want to love and protect them and just shun it all away. :(

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Julia Stewart said...

education and information about herself and her situation will be her protection.